Tell us a bit about your background.

After graduating from the University of Milan in 2014, I left my country and everything behind in order to follow my dream of becoming a Diplomate in Surgery. I have had nearly six years of specialistic training including a one year rotating internship at Davies Veterinary Specialists, UK and almost two years at Fitzpatrick Referrals, UK where I concluded a surgical internship and an advanced surgical orthopaedic internship. In December 2018 I left the UK to begin a three-year surgical residency at AniCura Albano. Prior to starting the residency, I worked in a charity practice in UK providing surgical treatments for animals in need and for owners who were unable to afford veterinary care.

You are on the finish line of completing a surgical residency. That’s pretty badass. Why surgery?

I will never forget the day that I was chosen for the residency position, the joy, I wanted it with all my heart. Becoming a surgical resident meant a lot to me as I felt one step closer to my dream of becoming a good specialist surgeon. Surgery has always been my passion, ever since I was at university. The sensation of a rising excitement from the stomach, the curiosity to explore and know more about the subject, the willingness to come back for more to improve I think can be called passion. I have great mentors that have played a big part in fuelling my passion and one day I wish to become like them and give back to the veterinary profession, making a difference by contributing to the development of surgery in veterinary medicine.

When did you realize you wanted to be a vet? Why?

This is a good question that makes me laugh, you should ask my mum! She always says that since I was very small I always wanted to become a vet and always stuck with that idea. In school my first essay was titled: ”Da grande farò la veterinaria”- ”When I grow up, I will be a vet”. I’m glad I was so determined because it was the best choice I could ever make!

What’s the coolest (or weidest) animal you have ever treated?
I haven’t treated so many unconventional animals in my career thus far, but I have treated pets of unconventional owners such as: Guy, the Beagle of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle; Wolfie, Brian May’s cat; Daisy, Eric Clapton’s Labrador and Roscoe, Lewis Hamilton’s bulldog. ?  

Do you have any pets yourself?

Unfortunately I don’t have any pets of my own right now, but my landlords have a beautiful sassy British Shorthair called Biffen who always wants to stay with me and spends a lot of time in my apartment. Not to mention the wild animals like deer and squirrels that are surrounding the house and come to say hello every now and then!

How are you spending your time of?

Currently I’m studying a lot in my spare time, but I love to be social, going out with family and friends, sharing convivial moments while savouring good food and good wine. I enjoy being in nature and during this season I like to stop and breathe in the unique perfume of the autumn air. Good shopping is also a part of me (growing up in Milano…) ?

Why did you chose to be part of AWAKE?

The idea of a truly multidisciplinary referral hospital captured my attention straight away, because this is the type of environment where I would like to continue to grow. Having it now in Stockholm it seems like a blessing.



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